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Ett av de absolut skönaste 9 fot spön jag flugfiskat med på kusten,förstår att det vunnit första pris Efttex 2014-2015 för bästa spö

Den största skillnaden i förhållande till andra ledande märken är lättheten i spöet samtidigt som jag kan sträcka fluglinan utan att behöva anstänga mig i varje kast.

Ett perfekt spö för fiske på grov fisk som tål och håller för kustfiske år efter år.

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Tight Lines

The new Spook Stalker from A.Jensen is built to meet the standards of the modern saltwater fisherman. We asked a bunch of people from Striper guides in the North East of USA to flats guides in the South East of USA, what they needed in a perfect saltwater rod for inshore fishing. The Spook Stalker “grew out of their heads” and experience.

We designed the rod to be matt black all over, even the guides, to avoid flare and spooking shy fish in skinny water. On top of that we used our SBD (Slim Blank Design) to create a very slim rod that cuts through the wind like a knife, something all still water fishermen appreciate when trying to achieve long casting in windy conditions.

We have used the highest obtainable quality fittings, and adjusted every detail based on testing in waters around in Europe and North America.

The SPOOK STALKER is a very slim and extremely light rod, with a huge amount of power, yet very delicate and sensitive. Try and lift and shake the 10 weight – I’m sure you will be amazed by the lightness, and you will for sure be sceptic if it really is a 10 weight, as it feels more like a 7 or 8. Come by one of our dealers and try it with a line on – let the rod convince you, not us!!!!

The SBD (slim blank design) and AHT (advanced helical technology) assures a fast rod with great casting potential on both short and long distance, and a phenomenal low weight.

The Spook Stalker rod won the Runner up award at the “best new product competition” at the international EFTTEX show 2014.


  • 45 Tons graphite
  • SBD (Slim Blank Design)
  • Advanced Helical Taper technology
  • Top quality Portuguese cork handles
  • Pacific Bay SIC Stripping guides
  • Beautiful reel seat in airspace graded aluminium
  • Super Hard Chrome double leg snakes and top guides in matt black
  • Dots for correct and easy assembling of rod parts
  • Lifetime warranty (rod registration needed)
  • Supplied in Cordura rod tube


SPOOK STALKER: Full Wells + Fighting Butt

Length AFTM Rec. Shooting head weight     Pcs       Weight

9         7                          16g                        4       106g

9         8                           18g                        4       110g



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